About Jeffrey Benjamin Attorney

The importance of a good trial lawyer when prosecuting or defending a case in Court cannot be overstated. It is crucial that a given client research his/her potential attorney for his accomplishments, his trial experience, skill and knowledge.

This is what Attorney Jeffrey Benjamin brings to the table after two decades of practice. He started out in 1997 in the law representing consumers in both individual and class action cases prosecuting issues of consumer fraud, breach of contract and statutory violations with significant monetary damages. He began in that area of practice and has never looked back.

Over the years, as his reputation as an aggressive yet civil lawyer expanded, Mr. Benjamin began to represent an ever-increasing number of clients from the business community, both large and small. New York City is home to many of the most intelligent, skilled and aggressive lawyers on both sides of the aisle. Business litigation brings out the best of these attorneys. Two of Lawyer Jeffrey Benjamin’s crowning achievements were back-to-back successful jury verdicts in 2010 on issues of construction law and fraud against a real estate lawyer.

In 2016, Attorney Jeffrey Benjamin took on partners to spread the workload around and become more of a boutique law practice. His firm concentrates on a small number of cases and does not handle a large volume. The practice now involves cases of fraud and breach of contract litigation in state and federal courts in the areas of investment fraud, real estate, construction contractors, and intricate commercial litigations that are document intensive.

Mr. Benjamin’s personal interests lay in Economics news, science and technology, outdoor activities and his wife and children. A busy trial practice leaves room for little else.

The firm practices in and around New York City courts in the counties of New York, Kings, Bronx, Queens and the Long Island counties of Nassau and Suffolk. Clients range from all over the United States, with a handful of international clients.




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